Teen Counseling

Teen Counseling in Plainfield Illinois

Sisterhood Wellness and Family Counseling provides caring, empathetic and attentive counseling for teens in Plainfield (IL) Joliet (IL), Naperville (IL) and Bolingbrook (IL). Our goal is to work with both parent/guardian and teen towards a greater understanding and healthier relationship.

Teens are experiencing a myriad of different issues and challenges growing up. From social pressures to family obligations, it sometimes becomes too much for them to navigate alone. This is where we can help! Our teen counseling for Plainfield (IL) Joliet (IL), Naperville (IL) and Bolingbrook (IL) not only allows them a safe and healthy outlet, it can help them navigate difficult emotions, develop coping skills, and improve overall functioning in their lives.

Specific Areas of Teen Counseling for Joliet (IL), Naperville (IL), Plainfield (IL) and Bolingbrook (IL)

If you are a teen or parent of a teen struggling, feeling depressed, worried or sad? Therapy can be the tool to help get things back on track.
Below is a list of different reasons teens may see a therapist:
Peer relationships
Isolation or poor social skills
School challenges
Family separation
Identity or sexuality concerns

You should see a therapist if you want…
To talk about things (friends, relationships, parents, school, etc.)  that bother you
To get the perspective of a non-related adult
To discuss and work through a difficult situation you cant talk to family about
To better understand yourself

What will happen during Therapy?
You will get to know about your therapists background and education, as well as views
You will be asked about what brings you in to therapy
You will be listened to and will receive feedback
You may be given homework (don’t worry, its not at all like schoolwork)

Will my therapist tell my parent(s) what I talk about in therapy?
NO! Your therapist will only discuss things with your parent if she deems that you are in danger unless consent is provided. During intake, rules about therapy will be discussed but the objective is to allow you to be able to openly discuss issues that affect you.
Therapy can be a great way to work through feelings and reach goals but it can also be fun…such as the use of art, projects, movement, music or games!

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We are your professional resource for teen counseling in Plainfield, Joliet, Naperville and Bolingbrook. If you would like to discuss what might be troubling your teen or learn more about our teen counseling, please contact us at 815-556-9171!

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